Defined Benefit Pension Plan

The below video describes how your defined benefit pension plan is designed to provide you with income when you retire.

The Iron Workers District Council Pension Plan is designed to provide some of your retirement. Your pension benefit can be a significant part of your retirement income. The amount of your pension benefit is generally based on the number of years you work for an Employer that contributes to the Plan on your behalf. Generally, the longer you work for a Contributing Employer, the greater your pension.

Your Pension Plan Summary Plan Description and Plan Amendments provide you with detailed information regarding your plan, becoming a participant, how your pension is paid, receiving a pension when you retire and much more. If you are considering Retirement or have questions about your Retiree Benefits, please call the Pension Trust Office at 937-454-1744.

To apply for your retiree or disability-related Pension benefits, please complete the appropriate forms below:

Pension QDRO Information

If you need a Qualified Domestic Relations Order (QDRO), please submit your request, or have your attorney submit a request for information to the Pension Trust Office for processing.

Below are models of various types of QDROs with and without Child Support Orders.